Monday, May 25, 2009


Go to towatch more John mccain youtube videos. You can receive the latest official youtube videos from the mccain campaign by watching this video or going logging on to your youtube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John mccain for President:

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Edwards and Tour

Former Plano Mayor Jim Edwards reports in and we give a tour.

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Barack Obama in Thornton, CO

Barack talks about education at the MESA campus in Thornton, CO. May 28, 2008.

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"Everyone Likes That Little Something Extra"

A dozen rolls and the baker tosses in an extra one to make it a baker's dozen. The butcher throws in an extra bone for the bow wow. Anyone else notice that gas was 18 cents a gallon?

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