Monday, May 18, 2009

Tancredo Announces the OVERDUE Immigration Act - Part 4, Tancredo announces the OVERDUE Immigration Reform Act of 2007

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Ron Paul TV Ad: Our Nation is in Trouble

Broadcast this television ad. Donate today at

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Joe Biden: Danville, Virginia

Joe Biden gave an impressive speech in Danville, Virginia on October 24, 2008. He implored Virginians for their help in winning the election.

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Kucinich on Fox: Merrill Lynch Bonuses

Congressman Focuses Attention on Bailouts given to Big Banks.

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Happy New Year from the Gravel Campaign

Sen. Gravel, his wife Whitney, and their dog Ginger wish you a Happy New Year, and discuss their hopes for 2008.

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Re: We The People (with MORE people) Part 2

More of your video responses mixed with the ad airing on television.

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There for You

Hillary has a long record of fighting to protect Social Security and working for seniors. See the details in our latest campaign ad.

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