Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fred in Florida on's Attack on General Petraeus

Fred Thompson speaks from Florida about's recent ad attacking General Petraeus.

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Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Book Club

Presidential candidate Ron Paul assigns some reading material to Rudy Giuliani. Discussion on cnn's "Situation Room"

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Mike Gravel speaks to student scholars for 911 truth

Mike Gravel speaks to the scholars for 911 truth. He says that he would be in favor of a new investigation into the tragedy of 911.

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John Edwards - Reconnecting with Americans

John Edwards speaks about reconnecting Washington, DC with the American people at a house party in Exeter, NH on June 9, 2007.

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Take Back America: Matt Stoller

Matt Stoller of & talks about Senator Dodd's use of issue leadership in his presidential campaign.

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