Friday, May 8, 2009

Fox and Friends-Part 2

I have seen Congressman Tancredo speak well over 100 times, and this is one of, if not the most, passionate and sincere interviews I have seen.

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Iowa Spot 2

Iowa Spot 2

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Senator John mccain delivers a little straight talk on the environment. Go to towatch more John mccain youtube videos. You can receive the latest official youtube videos from the mccain campaign by watching this video or going to logging on to your youtube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John mccain for President: www ...

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Rudy: It's About Records

Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells msnbc's Joe Scarborough that candidates for President should be judged on their records and not by campaign rhetoric.

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CNN Truth Squad on Keating Economics

The verdict is in. CNN Truth Squad gives the stamp of approval on

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