Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Politics and Eggs Part 1

Q&A, teamtancredo.org

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Iowa TV Spot

Iowa TV Spot

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Clean Coal Colorado

Go to www.youtube.com towatch more John mccain youtube videos. You can receive the latest official youtube videos from the mccain campaign by watching this video or going to www.youtube.com logging on to your youtube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John mccain for President: www.johnmccain.com

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Gov. Huckabee in West Des Moines

Some behind the scenes footage of the Governor leaving the crowded West Des Moines event and also the Press event that followed.

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Running With Rudy: National House Party Night

Dan Meyers goes behind the scenes for Rudy's National House Party Night and live Webcast

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Bill Richardson: New Hampshire Post Debate Interview

Governor Bill Richardson discusses his plan for No Residual Troops and expresses his frustration with Congress as they continue to not make progress on getting us out of Iraq.

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Dennis Kucinich-Democracy For America straw poll

I am writing you to ask for your vote in the Democracy For America presidential straw poll. Winning this DFA poll will shock the pundits, create tremendous attention and will greatly increase volunteer support for our campaign. The DFA community needs to know that there IS a candidate who: organized 125 Democratic Congressmen to vote against the 2002 resolution to authorize force in Iraq, that there IS a Democratic presidential candidate who voted against the Patriot Act, that there IS a ...

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John Edwards - Trust

johnedwards.com December 8, 2007 Derry,NH

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