Saturday, April 25, 2009

Values Voters Debate Part2

Congressman Tancredo at the Values Voters Debate, part 2.

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Ron Paul TV Ad: The Only One

Broadcast this television ad. Donate today at

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Gov. Beasley Out-Take

Out-Take of the video with Gov. Beasley

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Rudy: Democrats' Failure To Mention Islamic Terrorists, Pt 1

Mayor Giuliani says in four debates no Democrat candidate for President has mentioned Islamic terrorists while discussing the Terrorists' War On Us. (Video Courtesy of ABC News

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Barack on Bush-McCain Philosophy

With 9 days left before elections day, Barack Obama spoke to an enormous crowd at the civic center park at the state capital in Denver, Colorado.

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Dennis talks about the Convention and his Tuesday evening speech Dennis offers his first in-person video report from the Democratic National Convention and talks about his Tuesday evening speech. Dennis talks about the Convention

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Mike Gravel - the truth about gas prices

Presidential candidate responds to the question about gas prices by reminding us that we pay an extra $4 per gallon to keep troops around the world and secure oil.

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Senator Edwards Previews Address at Riverside Church

On Sunday, January 14th, Senator John Edwards will speak at Riverside Church in Harlem in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. In his address, Edwards

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Ann Lewis

Senior advisor to Hillary and a longtime leader on women's issues.

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