Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fred Thompson Speech at Policy Exchange (Part 1 of 4)

Fred Thompson addresses the Policy Exchange in London, England on June 19, 2007. Courtesy britainandamerica.com

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Tom defends his "Tough on Terror" Ad on Hannity and Colmes

teamtancredo.org, Hannity and Colmes 11-13.

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Ron Paul's New Hampshire Primary Speech 1-8-08 pt. 1

C-Span's coverage of Ron Paul's New Hampshire Primary Speech 1-8-08 pt. 1

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Why I Like Mike From SC

Col. Harvey Dick from South Carolina shares why he "Like's Mike". Why do you "Like Mike?"

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Bill Paxon: Rudy Will Win Florida

Senior Advisor Bill Paxon talks about Mayor Rudy Giuliani's growing momentum in Florida and his unconventional plan to capture the Republican nomination. Rudy's plan for the largest tax cut

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Sen. Mike Gravel: A Conversation with Gareth Porter

Join Sen. Gravel in a discussion with campaign advisor and Southeast Asia policy expert Gareth Porter about Iran. This is the first of three parts. www.

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Fighting for One America - Q&A: Job Hunting

John Edwards answers a question about why he is qualified to be President during his Fighting for One America Bus Tour in Pocahontas, Iowa on August 14, 2007

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