Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Majority Leader Hoyer

Majority Leader Hoyer

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Governor Dean on Fox News Sunday (II)

Part 2 of 2. Governor Dean is a guest on Fox's Sunday show on Sunday,...

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C-SPAN Road to the White House, C-SPAN interview with presidential candidate...

Author: TeamTancredo
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Ron Paul at Iowa Caucus

"You Are There Series" - Ron Paul on the campaign trail in Des Moines,...

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Candid Video and Message from Waco

Candid video before and after an event in Waco, Texas. Also a short...

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David Malpass on Rudy's Tax Plan

Economic Advisor David Malpass sat down with Fox Business Channel's...

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"A Way Out" TV Ad Outlines Richardson's Plan for Iraq

Governor Bill Richardson continues to distinguish himself from the...

Author: Richardson4President
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David Plouffe's Strategy Update - September 17, 2008

Barack's campaign manager David Plouffe presents a slideshow on...

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John Edwards - "Underdog" Ad

John Edwards will never give up on the fight to save the middle...

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Paul Simon hanging out with the Dodd Family

Paul Simon sings along with Grace, Christina, Jackie and Senator...

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