Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tancredo Responds to James, Tancredo's Take Round 1 - Video #1 Original Question:

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Ron Paul in San Diego (Part 1)

Ron Paul speaks at a fund-raiser in downtown San Diego, May 23, 2008

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A Proven Record

Mayor Rudy Giuliani on his proven record of fiscal discipline, cutting taxes and improving public security

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Clean Energy Nation TV Ad

Watch Gov. Richardson's new ad on his record of clean energy for New Mexico and what he'll do as President.

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President Obama Submits His First Budget to Congress

On Thursday, February 26th, President Obama submitted his first budget to Congress, making the case for the vital investments that will lay the foundation for America's future prosperity.

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John Edwards - "Voice" TV Ad

John Edwards tells the story of James Lowe, a man who had no voice for 50 years because he couldn't afford a simple operation.

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DTV and Unprecedented Access

Senator Chris Dodd introduces DTV, an unprecedented window into a presidential campaign through live and recorded video. See more at

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