Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tancredo on the Border Fence, Tancredo responds to a question from a YouTube user

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Ron Paul TV Ad: #3 for New Hampshire

Help introduce Dr. Paul to New Hampshire voters with this TV ad. Donate today so we can buy air time. Go to

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Start Now - Mike Huckabee Iowa Ad

Mike Huckabee speaks directly to negative attacks on his campaign for President. He asks the people of Iowa to reject the negative attacks and help him build our Country up.

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Rudy Ad, "Un Plan"

Rudy Ad, "Un Plan"

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Joe Biden: Akron, Ohio

Joe Biden spoke to LIUNA Local 894 in Akron, Ohio. He said that one of the most defining things between the Obama-Biden ticket and the McCain-Palin ticket is how they view labor. John McCain and the Bush Administration have declared a war on labors house. Joe went on to say that Labor Unions are the only thing that has protected the middle class from being trampled. He concluded that the right to work is about more than a paycheck. It is about dignity, respect and pride.

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Kucinich on Fox: Stanford scandal

Fox Business News 2-21-09 Host: Tracy Byrnes and Dagen Mcdowell

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John Edwards - Fighting powerful interests (N.H. Debate)

John Edwards is asked to describe one of his greatest Senate accomplishments - the Patients' Bill of Rights. He goes on to talk about the personal nature of his lifelong work, fighting against powerful insurance companies and special interests. "We need a president who believes deeply in this battle." Recorded during the Democratic debate sponsored by ABC News, WMUR, and Facebook on Saturday, January 5, 2008.

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Joe Biden, FYI

Highlights of Senator Joe Biden's performance at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, IA. Video editing by Biden supporter, Ryan Fenton-Strauss.

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