Friday, February 20, 2009

Bailouts. A Vicious Cycle.

WIth President Obama signing the economic stimulus bill into law, its the government's second epic attempt to bail out the economy after years of over-consumption that produced a housing and debt bubble larger than the titanic. While the real Obama announced that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is preparing a new strategy for reviving our financial system, and urged the swift passage of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, Americans are wondering if the economic stimulus, our financial bail-out, will work. In this Bail Out video we here from Congressman Ron Paul, Obama and even go back to when Bush first sounded the alarm. Will the recession become and depression, based largely on the government panicking which stifled consumer spending? From - the new PolitiChill is where no issue or candidate is off-limits, from conservative to liberal, from Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudolph Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson. We also spoof the way the media sensationalizes things, whether its CNN, Fox News, MSNBC News, and CNN Headline News, ABC News, CBS NEWS, NBC News, as well as the hilarious personalities of Bill O'Reilly (OReilly), Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Tim Russert, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Kieth Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram, Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, you name it. Let the circus that is election 2008 begin. Republican or Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, Politi-Chill is the lighter side of politics. Look out Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, and other comedians, it's time to get your Political Chill on. tags: President Barack Obama spoof comedy girl 1/31/09: Your Weekly Address Guantanamo Bay Bush funny video news media bias poltiical barely satire Pelosi Harry Reid democrats republicans conservative red state ron paul independent PolitiChill would like to thank: TowelHoodies Personalized Hooded Towels for baby and kid at Online Institute Forum, Chat software and FTP Hosting at Publish247 Domain Names with Website and Email Hosting at Politichill is satirical comedy. All characters are fictitious, except where public figures are satirized. Any resemblance of characters to actual people is accidental and coincidental. Subscribe and get your Political Chill on!

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Tancredo Demands Apology from Brownback, Tancredo demands an apology from Sam Brownback's push call that attacks his unassailable pro-life record.

Author: TeamTancredo
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"Historic Choice"

Romney For President Campaign Ad

Author: GovMittRomney
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Ron Paul Rally For Veterans (Part III)

Veterans Day weekend rally on Independence Mall, Philadelphia. November 10, 2007

Author: RonPaul2008dotcom
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A Better America

Mike Huckabee television ad on a better America.

Author: explorehuckabee
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Rudy Giuliani's Web Holiday Video "Same Gift"

Rudy Giuliani's Web Holiday Video "Same Gift"

Author: RudyGiulianiHQ
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Barack Obama: Martinsville, VA

Barack Obama spoke in Martinsville, Virginia on August 20, 2008.

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Dennis Kucinich - The Real Democrat Dennis Kucinich - The Real Democrat 30 second television ad

Author: Kucinich2008
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John Edwards - Strength of America

New John Edwards television ad airing in New Hampshire.

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Re: Impeachment of GW Bush;Necessary to thwart future abuses

Senator Chris Dodd becomes the first candidate to respond to popular Community Counts videos.

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