Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tancredo on Senate Immigration Proposal, Tancredo on the current amnesty proposal

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Choice: Judgment

Romney for President Campaign Ad.

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Ron Paul In Los Angeles California Part 1

Ron Paul In Los Angeles California Part 1 on the John Ziegler radio show

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Go to to watch more John McCain YouTube videos. You can receive the latest official YouTube videos from the McCain campaign by watching this video or going to, logging on to your YouTube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John McCain for President:

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Understanding - Mike Huckabee Michigan Ad

Mike Huckabee's campaign ad running in Michigan

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Rudy Giuliani Web Video "Not Endorsed"

Rudy Giuliani Web Video "Not Endorsed"

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Bill Richardson Responds to Immigration Question at NALEO

Gov. Bill Richardson answers a question about immigration at the NALEO conference in Orlando, FL.

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President Obama Addresses Economic Crisis

President Obama held his first-ever prime time press conference Monday evening to outline the state of the economy and why it is crucial to pass his Economic Recovery plan. Share your story about the economic crisis and the need for immediate action on the economy:

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Dennis Kucinich - Text for Peace "You can vote NOW to end the war in Iraq. Text 'PEACE' -- 73223 -- to send a message to the White House and to the Democratic Congress that now's the time to end the war. Make your vote count and your voice be heard." Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Video by Chad Ely .

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Universal Health Care

Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Gravel outlines his plan to bring about a national healthcare voucher system for all Americans.

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John Edwards - "Health Care" Television Ad - Iowa

In this new television ad, John Edwards talks about his plans to provide universal health care.

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Ad: Together

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In a new campaign ad, Hillary talks about one of her proudest accomplishments: ensuring that members of the National Guard and Reserves have access to the health care they need.

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