Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown

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DNC Helps Out Thompson Campaign

With Fred Thompson's Presidential campaign already taking on water the DNC sent its intern to deliver a gift: a brand new life jacket.

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Tancredo TV Commercial

Tancredo television ad

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Romney: America's Single Greatest Challenge?

Governor Mitt Romney Asks: What do you believe is America's single greatest challenge? And what would you do to address it? Consider this an open forum and please post a video with your response.

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Ron Paul TV Ad: Healthcare

Introduce Dr. Paul to voters in New Hampshire and Iowa with this TV ad. Donate today at

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Go to to watch more John McCain YouTube videos. You can receive the latest official YouTube videos from the McCain campaign by watching this video or going to, logging on to your YouTube account, and clicking "Subscribe" just above the box where this message is displayed on the page. Subscribe today, and tell 10 of your friends to join you in subscribing. John McCain for President:

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Secure Borders

Mike Huckabee television ad on securing America's border first.

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She Changed

This ad focuses on Senator Clinton's politically expedient positions on the War in Iraq, as well as her support for the ad attacking General Petraeus placed by in The New York Times.

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YouTube Debate - Health Care

Gov. Bill Richardson speaks on the need for preventative health care at the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate 7/23

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Kucinich: "Save Homes" FOX 02-10-09

Kucinich: "Save Homes" FOX 02-10-09

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Misinformation from MSNBC

Immediately following the results from the January third Iowa Caucus, MSNBC Pundit Keith Olbermann declared that Sen. Gravel has ended his bid for the US Presidency. This is not the case, and we are requesting that MSNBC retract their statement. MSNBC's Retraction: J. Skyler McKinley Deputy Campaign Manager Mike Gravel for President 2008

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John Edwards - "Bishop" Ad

Doug Bishop of Baxter, Iowa introduces John Edwards in this new ad airing in Iowa.

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Chris Dodd's White Hare

For more information, visit

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Rob Reiner: Action!

Movie director Rob Reiner gives a few pointers to Hillary for President volunteers and encourages you to join them.

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