Friday, December 26, 2008

Tom on Glenn Beck 12-10, Tom talks about boycotting the Univision debate.

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RE: David's Question on Education in a Changing World

A response to David Colarusso's question on remaining nimble in a changing world and the importance of education reform. Part of my week in the You Choose '08 Spotlight.

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Ron Paul on Bill Moyers' Journal Part 2

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers' Journal Part 2

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Rudy Giuliani Addresses The Churchill Group

Rudy Giuliani addresses The Churchill Group in Santa Clara, California February 12, 2007.

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Health Care

Dennis Kucinich talks about his Universal Healthcare Plan at AFSCME FORUM on 2/21/07 and how the other Democratic Candidate's Healthcare Plan's All Include a roll for the Large "for Profit" Health Insurance Company's. The same companies that currently eat up over 30% of the cost for Healthcare in America today without providing needed Healthcare Services for our citizens. To learn more about Dennis go to Video by Chad Ely

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