Monday, December 22, 2008

NH Presser on Sanctuary State Legislation Part 2

Press conference at the NH State House.

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"Growth And Prosperity"

Romney for President Campaign Ad.

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Frequently asked Questions (About Mike)

Governor Huckabee answers a questions about his childhood.

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Rudy Giuliani TV Ad "Ready"

Rudy Giuliani TV Ad "Ready"

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Bill Richardson on Late Edition

Sunday morning, Governor Richardson appeared on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer." Hotline On Call noted some of the governor's remarks during the interview: "You cannot start a peace process, a reconciliation, a peacekeeping force in Iraq that rebuilds the country without getting all of our troops out with no residual forces... "I believe the best step is a withdrawal, but with a diplomatic plan that brings the three Iraqi entities together in a possible partition, in an all-Muslim peacekeeping force, in division of oil revenues, a sharing of power... "The number of Iraqi deaths has doubled, almost 62 per day. This has been the deadliest summer on record for U.S. troops."

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David Plouffe on Our Strategy

Campaign Manager David Plouffe records a video to supporters on a laptop, sharing his presentation about the Obama campaign's strategy for the general election.

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Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Kucinich on stage at Sara ...

Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Kucinich on stage at Sara Bareilles Concert Video by Susan Alzner and Chad Ely

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Dodd Talks to Fire Fighters

Chris Dodd & IAFF President Harold Schaitberger talk to fire fighters in New Hampshire.

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