Sunday, December 21, 2008

Governor Romney: Protecting America

Governor Romney: Protecting America

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Chip After the Results

Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman Reports in after the Caucus results.

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A new web video on

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Meet Barack Obama

Meet Barack Obama, and visit for more information.

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Mindless threats imperil millions The Bush Administration's mindless threats to use nuclear bunker busters against Iranian nuclear research facilities could, if implemented, wipe out 2.6 million people in Iran, Pakistan, and India, and expose another 10.5 million to nuclear fallout.

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John Edwards - YearlyKos

John Edwards answers a question about restoring faith in government at the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, Ill. on August 4, 2007.

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Caucus for Results Rally in Cedar Rapids

Chris Dodd speaks to a packed room of supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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