Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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voter contact video

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Tancredo on RedState -- The Encore

http://TeamTancredo.org, Redstate blogger California Yankee asks Congressman Tancredo a few questions.

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Fineman: Democrats Fear Romney

Newsweek's Howard Fineman notes that Democrats fear facing Gov. Romney and his message of bringing change to Washington in the general election.

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Gov. Beasley From Lexington

Gov. Beasley of SC reports in from Lexington, SC on the night of the Michigan primary.

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Rep. Peter King on why Rudy's the best choice for President

Rep. Peter King sits down with MSNBC to talk about why Rudy is the best choice for President as well as the strong crowds and positive reaction Rudy's been getting from Florida voters. www.JoinRudy2008.com

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Students For Barack Obama

Students and young people talk about why Barack Obama resonates with them.

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Kucinich pushes for Congressional action on bank bonuses, executive compensation

The Bush Administration is sponsoring the largest going-out-of-business sale in the history of the world, Congressman Dennis Kucinich tells David Asman on Americas Scoreboard.

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Realizing the Dream (1 of 3)

Senator John Edwards Riverside Church, New York City January 14, 2007

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Re: What will YOU do to protect independent voices in the me

Senator Dodd responds to highest rated Community Counts questions. http://www.chrisdodd.com

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Barbara Marzelli

New Hampshire mother concerned about health care coverage for her family.

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