Friday, December 12, 2008

Governor Dean on Early Show

Governor Dean on Early Show

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Tancredo at 9-27 PBS Debate-Part 1

Congressman Tancredo discusses illegal immigration, the welfare state, and other issues.

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Liz Cheney: Gov. Romney Ready To Lead

Liz Cheney on "Fox & Friends."

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Ron Paul on Homeschooling

Ron Paul is a strong proponent for homeschooling and has consistently voted to remove government jurisdiction from public schools, knowing that control should be put back into the hands of the parents.

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Candid Video from Columbia

Candid video from Columbia, SC

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Rudy on Fox News

Rudy talked with Fox News' Chris Wallace about the wide open race in Florida, his plan for the largest tax cut in American history, his commitment to restoring the Everglades and his plan for a national catastrophe fund.

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Gov. Bill Richardson: "Now is the time for peace."

NM Governor Bill Richardson tells Iowans in Coralville, Iowa that 2013 is too late to end the war in Iraq.

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Barack Obama in Crow Agency, MT

Crow Nation Reservation Crow Agency, Montana May 19, 2008

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Dennis Kucinich on CNN 11/17/2008

Dennis Kucinich on CNN 11/17/2008

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Mike Gravel A Leader

In this video, presidential candidate Mike Gravel states his positions on key issues, in response to a series of short, spoken prompts from a videographer.

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Sandy Lakey Introduces John Edwards

Sandy Lakey introduces John Edwards at an event in West Des Moines, Iowa. John represented Sandy and David Lakey, and their daughter Valerie, when Valerie was five-years-old after she was injured on a defective swimming pool drain cover that the manufacturer knew was dangerous.

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National Thank You

Senator Dodd thanks all those who stood with him

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