Thursday, November 20, 2008

As John McCain tries to re-launch his campaign with a "Jobs First" tour, his first job should be to explain why he is promising four more years of President Bush's failed economic agenda. Like the Bush Economy? Hire John McCain.

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Revolution Web Ad 2 min.

Support the True Conservative

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Tancredo on John Gibson 11-19, Tom talks about Speaker Pelosi on the Big Story.

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California: Mitt Asks for Your Vote

California: Mitt Asks for Your Vote

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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Ron Paul on Healthcare

This is Day 3 of our YouChoose '08 Spotlight week. Throughout this week we will be featuring a new video every day of presidential candidate Ron Paul talking about different issues. Please submit your questions, comments or your positions on the issues by posting your video comments on our video pages. (Posted August 3, 2007)

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Clean Coal West Virginia

John McCain radio

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Candid Video from Plano

Candid video from before an event in Plano, Texas

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Mayor Giuliani in Clearwater, Florida

Watch Mayor Giuliani in Florida today where he talked about the need for a national catastrophe insurance fund and the need to become energy independent.

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Richardson tells CNN he is picking up speed in Iowa

Gov. Bill Richardson discusses why Iowa caucus-goers are supporting him in CNN's "American Morning" with John Roberts.

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A Mother's Promise: Barack's Biography

A biography of Barack Obama that played at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, prior to Barack's acceptance speech.

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Government didn't do its job From the Fed to the SEC to the Congressional bailout, government has failed to address the root cause of the current financial problems: the implosion of the housing bubble, Congressman Dennis Kucinich tells Neil Cavuto. Helping 10 million homeowners whose mortgages are at risk will help stabilize economy, prime the pump, and begin restoring investor confidence

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the making of helter skelter X

1960's America -- just a glimpse. The Gravel2008 channel will be redesigned and reconfigured as a home to political commentary here on YouTube. Stay tuned!

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John Edwards - MSNBC Debate - On Clean Energy

John Edwards speaks about clean energy during the Democratic candidates debate in Las Vegas, Nev. on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

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Dodd: A Call for Clarity Chris Dodd challenges fellow Senate Democrats to state whether they would vote for Iraq legislation that does not include a firm, enforceable deadline for withdrawal.

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Capricia Marshall Appears on Fox News

Former Clinton White House social secretary discusses Obama family transition

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