Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain's Lobbyist Friends

John McCain says he'll take on lobbyists. But, his inner circle is full of lobbyists: Charlie Black, Chief Campaign Advisor Doug Goodyear, Convention CEO Tom Loeffler, National Co-Chair Rick Davis, Campaign Manager Randy Scheunemann, Top Foreign Policy Advisor And who have they represented? Anti-Western Political Parties... Mob-Connected Russian Oligarchs... The Saudi Royal Family... Companies doing business in Iran... The Brutal Myanmar Junta... ...and some of history's Most Brutal Tyrants. John McCain and His Lobbyist Friends: The Wrong Choice for America's Future.

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Kucinich Campaign update 10-08-07

Hello, welcome to the first of our reports updating you on Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign. Hosted by Anne Marie Howard! Produced & edited by Chad Ely for Kucinich for President 2008 Writer, Director: Dutch Merrick Camera Operator, Sound Mixer: Jim Legoy

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Hillary on Why Tuesday

Hillary responds to the Why Tuesday Candidate Challenge and gives her views on reforming our election.

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