Friday, June 6, 2008

HILLARY DROPS OUT -- was sexism involved? (spoof)

Hillary Clinton's top aides announced she will be dropping out of the 2008 Presidential nomination race against Barack Obama, some are claiming it was sexism that caused Hillary to lose..... We examine that in another satirical PolitChill Exclusive. tags: Hillary Clinton Barack Obama sexism racism woman 2008 primary dropping out concedes democrat comedy spoof funny The new PolitiChill is where no candidate is off-limits, from conservative to liberal, from Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudolph Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson. We also spoof the way the media sensationalizes things, whether its CNN, Fox News, MSNBC News, and CNN Headline News, ABC News, CBS NEWS, NBC News, as well as the hilarious personalities of Bill O'Reilly (OReilly), Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Tim Russert, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Kieth Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram, Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, you name it. Let the circus that is election 2008 begin. Republican or Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, Politi-Chill is the lighter side of politics. Look out Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, and other comedians, it's time to get your Political Chill on. Politichill is satirical comedy. All characters are fictitious, except where public figures are satirized. Any resemblance of characters to actual people is accidental and coincidental.

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Barack Obama in St. Paul, MN

On the evening he wins the Democratic Party's nomination for president, Barack Obama speaks from St. Paul, Minnesota. June 3, 2008

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The Crossroads

Senator Mike Gravel's candidacy and campaign for the Presidency of the United States is over. What now? Though the campaign is over, the Gravel2008 channel will be redesigned and reconfigured as a home to political commentary here on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned! This video was supporter-generated. If you have a video you'd like to see up on Gravel2008, e-mail or

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Chelsea's Mother's Day Message

Chelsea Clinton talks about her mom in honor of Mother's Day.

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