Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Challenging the 10,000 Republican "Democrats for a Day"

CONTRIBUTE AT: WWW.KUCINICH.US 216 252 9000 In Ohio's primary election in the 10th Congressional District last week, 10,000 registered Republicans switched their party affiliation on election day and became "Democrats for a Day" -- allowing them to try to unseat the one Congressman who has been a national leader on every issue that reflects the core values of real Democrats: Rep. Dennis Kucinich. 10,000 Republicans in one Congressional District! In a race where his opposition was supported by Republican media, Republican contributors, Republican advisors, and a Republican political agenda. In a special video message from Dennis, he explains what happened, why, and how you can help to meet the challenge that will surely be mounted again to put that seat in the Republican "win column" in November. They tried. They failed. But, they'll try again. With your support, we stopped them last week. And with your continued help, we can demonstrate in the next 10 days that we intend to stop them in November -- but only with your help. If issues like the war, not-for-profit health care, NAFTA, jobs, the environment, education, and the Constitution are important to you, please support the strongest, most consistent, most honorable voice in Congress who has the courage to stand with you and fight for what you believe: Dennis Kucinich. Check out this example of what their doing: Video by Chad Ely

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